Europtronic (UP), from the German brand sanitary ware, Germany UP core team began to explore the field of shower room in 1982, has a profound theoretical basis and practical experience in the key link of product development, non-standard production and quality control etc.. In 2010, landing in China europtronic, shower room, the world's largest production base in Guangdong city of Zhongshan province to create a large green plant.

With the quality requirements of German design concept, rigorous advanced technology production equipment, high standards and strict quality inspection procedures and the Seven Star customer service service, after more than twenty years' development, europtronic has become a global brand sanitary industry. Compared with other domestic brands in the traditional shower room, shower room europtronic to create excellent safety at the same time, pay more attention to the new generation of advanced brewing complete bath culture taste, the extraordinary energy into products R & D and production, the pure hand crafted into, go all out to fight made classic San goods shower room.
Europtronic projects all over the country the big five star hotel, high-grade residential areas, villas, public service establishments, and to establish a long-term stable strategic cooperative relationship with the sea, garden and other real estate developers group, has won the "China construction Recommend brand", "quality of service. The integrity of AAA units." and "China famous brand" the honorary title, repeatedly by Guangdong Administration for Industry and commerce as a "contract Shou Credit Enterprises in Guangdong province". In the domestic medium and small city, europtronic has nearly more than 500 entity dealer partners, and product marketing network radiation national market.
Innovation and future, meet the perfectionist constantly demanding to detail is europtronic diligently pursue the aim of "development, innovation, quality, service", its elite R & D team has developed thousands of kinds of non-standard shower room style, a strong series of nearly 100 cases, a number of the appearance and structure of the patent patent.
The non-standard technology of the top of the industry, the unique design experience, the lead of the German rigorous trend of thought, the ultimate creator of the exclusive private enjoyment. - excellent with the world, has 10000!