As one of the cutting-edge designers of Germany, Johannes Canetti design works not only in the form of novel, and modern connotation, due to the inherent form of design aesthetics, philosophy idea indulge in between objects, so that Johannes Canetti won several design awards, a "philosopher designer" reputation in germany. "Stainless steel series products are not stereotyped, not emphasize the function, it expresses a kind of calm thinking, and quiet beauty." Johannes Canetti says so.

       Born in Freiburg, a famous German town in Schwarzwald, he graduated from a long history of German institutions - Cassell Institute of art with outstanding results. Since its design career, Maximilian Schmeling has quickly become a leader in the art and product design industry in germany. At the same time, Maximilian Schmeling is also a leader of the German Environmental Protection Association, focusing on design sustainability and science, which makes each of his designs have unparalleled foresight.