Vincent Behrens was born in 1889 in Germany, a bathroom family, and its family manufacturing strength, especially with excellent craftsmanship known, once became the German Royal Queen provider. Vincent was smart, from father to study hardware technology, a variety of exquisite monasteries and bathroom product, to embrace strong interest in art. Influenced by Renaissance art, he spent all his life searching for humanism and applying it to the design of its products.

At the beginning of twentieth Century, futurism ideological trend in Germany has always been brewing, attracted a good new things Rong Vincent, young he deviant, Jie greedy unruly, eager for change. In the movement under the influence of his correct understanding to the development of technology changes of human material life, but the wrong pool underestimated the old tradition in the hearts of the people's confidence in the job though, the manufactured products for ridiculed, No one shows any interest in, and even some people predicted that he will become the initiator of evil of declining family. He embraced everything with a new mind and body, but was mercilessly responded by reality. The failure of the blow did not erase Vincent's passion, but he added a bit of calm and sedate. In your life, Vincent constantly reflection, summing up the experience of failure, combined with the essence of a hundred years of painstaking process from family research to science and Technology Co, and made the spirit to motivate yourself to engage in research. That star experiment he did, and the lack of toughness of copper metal, all kinds of metal elements of copper alloy in the proportion of multiple anti HIV, and can directly affect the hardware characteristics. In numerous experimental data in the complex, he found a good Yan adjustable ratio, allows hardware embryo color rendering Yan Yinrun, Yan toughness achieves good effect, the service life is greatly prolonged. Innovative quality raw materials, coupled with every detail of the process, re - achievement of Vincent, many discerning people become his supporters.
In 1925, Vincent founded UP (europtronic) brand, "UP" means "up", a symbol of the rising sun. Over the years, Vincent made europtronic company uphold the spirit, design, development and innovation is committed to bathroom products. In recent years, in the manufacture of safety and comfort, made of Humanities and science and technology "under the guidance of the concept, its application period new technology development and environmental health, high quality, multi functions, although the ergonomic design of shower room products, emphasis on user experience in the first place, to create the lead dust, washed away from the impetuous the pure space, which is also the breakthrough of the traditional industry, it stands on the top of the magpie charm.